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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Child's Heart

I have been reminded of the sincerity of a child's heart.  A child willingly gives without much thought of the cost.  And, not even with a true understanding of the meaning of giving.  A child's motives are often altruistic.  How can a grown person grow and keep an altruistic mindset?

In the picture above, a five year old boy in our little neighbourhood started a food drive.  His goal was to raise 100 pounds of food for the local food bank.  His deadline was Dec 5th.  What you need to know is that the local fire fighters came to Michael's house with sirens blaring in two fire engines and collected Michael's "winnings".  Close to 250 lbs of food.  The community supported this most noble of endeavours, and for a little while, we were joined in heart to help Michael meet his goal.

The Christmas season is filled with the warm thoughts of reunions, gatherings, delicious foods and treats, giving and receiving.  Yet, will we take the time to evaluate our hearts?  Why are we giving?  Why are we gathering?  Why are we receiving?  In my mind's eye, I have come to realize that my celebrating, giving and receiving can only be soul deep when it is wrapped in the significance of God's love.  Love demonstrated in the giving of His only Son (John 3:16).  Having received this, I lack nothing more.

For God so loved the world 
that He gave His only Son, 
so that whoever believes in Him 
shall not perish
but have 

Have you received?  If not, when?

Merry Christmas, dear friends.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Day

. . . the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me —Galatians 2:20

Praise God!  He did not give up on me.
And Praise God!  His faithful children prayed for me.
And again Praise God!  I can commit my loved ones to Him and together we pray for God's work to be done.

My pastor said that many will prefer to be able to buy a ticket into heaven.  He suggested perhaps $500 per soul, and many will rush to get one.  An insurance into heaven, if it exists...if there's life after this one.

I am thankful Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  I am grateful salvation is a gift from God, through no works of my own but by the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  I am blessed to be forgiven of all my sins.

I cannot afford $500.  I would not know how to keep my ticket so as not to lose it.  I would never stop wondering if I've been tricked.  And, how would I really know that the ticket does not have an expiration date.

I would rather rest in the assurance of His Word, His Work and His everlasting love.  The psalmist said, "His love endures forever."  Besides, so many before me have given their lives for the church.  A song Steve Green sang said, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church."  Praise God there is proof that the "ticket" I have is perfect!

Send me your prayer request.  I will pray.

Sinner saved by grace,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prodigal Daughter

Today, I quietened and listened.  I heard my heart and found a yearning for the voice and presence of God.  I found forgiveness and acceptance.  This reconnection filled me from the inside to overflowing.  I felt peace.  I felt loved.

I am "once lost but now I'm found" personified at this moment.  Ah, grace.  A beautiful gift.

Change my heart, O God.  Make it ever true.  Change my heart, O God.  May I be like You.
You are the Potter, I am the clay.  Make me and mold me.  This is what I pray.

By E. Espinosa

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Way Back

Lately, I've been thinking about how I arrived here and the places I have been to.  I sense a slow yearning to return to where I came from.  I wonder if the the old adage, "You can never go home", is true for everyone...if it's true for me.

It has been 10 long years since I've left.  I reminisce friends and places from that time.  Slowly, I am reconnecting socially, their faces have changed but their smiles are ever more warming and welcoming.  I wonder  about the secret to their happiness.  Do I possess it also?

While I think about going to where they are, I loathe to leave the place I now call home.  My loved ones are dear to me, and I would not dream of leaving.  You see, in my absence, I've found love in two individuals who are a  part of me now.  We are joined in heart, soul, mind and spirit.  To go back is to leave a larger part of me.

What is the way back?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Diva Mama

A generous, kind hearted stranger gave me a 40 plus year old piano a few weeks ago.  Good friends and my sweetheart rented a U-Haul and moved it into my living room.  A piano technician came to tune my piano and replaced the felt for the keyboard at no charge.  Alas, there is music in my home.

My home, before the arrival of the piano, was already "home sweet home".  Music has added more warmth, soul, love and happiness.  It has been so long since my fingers have touched the ivory.  

Tom, thank you for this gracious gift.  I hope that wherever your adventures take you, God will bless you with rich blessings in return.  

Have you blessed someone today?  Do you know the kind of difference it can make?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

When You Have Good Neighbours....

I am blessed with wonderful neighbours.  This makes for an even greater feeling of "home" in a new community.  My family and I are alone in our neck of the woods, and were it not for our super terrific neighbours, we would not be as happy.

We exchange babysitting, laughs, goodies, and celebrate the holidays with zing!  There's always a meaningful "hello" back and forth, and the smiles are just heartwarming.

Neighbours, you know who you are!  Thank you for bringing sunshine into our neighbourhood, and if I have not said it already, your kids are just as awesome as you are!  Hugs.

Do you have a special neighbour you should be thankful for?  Do they know it?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day @ School

It is my son's first day at school.  Last night, I got his outfit ready, packed his bag, and got the stroller out for a younger child.  I planned out how much time we would need to get him to school on time, with 15 minutes to spare.  The day before, we reminded him that he would be going to school the next day.

When we woke up, we went downstairs for breakfast, to make sure he gets his daily vitamin and milk.  He did not eat very much of his breakfast and this added to the anxiety that was building in my stomach!

I allowed the boys to get some fresh air outside while I calmed down.  Then, after checking that I've got everything the three of us needed, we walked to school.

It was a cool morning and the boys were both in good spirits.  A teacher greeted us.  We went further down the hall to our new class and greeted his teacher, Ms. Rachel.  I was not more than 3 minutes in his class when he gave me a hug and a big kiss, and waved goodbye.  Not a single tear drop or frown on his face.  I don't know whether to be glad or sad.  The first day of school was harder for me than it was for him.

What's next?!  I think these little milestones our children achieve are parents' lessons for letting go.  Dear God, please look after my baby!